A Bit of Luxury For Your Skin

We are spoilt with choice when it comes to body lotions and moisturisers but they’re not all the same and they don’t all react in the same way to your skin. However, one thing is certain, you have to use a moisturiser or body lotion on your skin otherwise it will be dry, dull and could possibly crack (especially around your hands and feet). While there are many moisturisers to choose from, it’s always great to be able to enjoy a bit of luxury.

Here is a list of a few luxury body lotions and moisturisers.

  • Moon Drops. This delectable body lotion is derived from the popular perfume that is long loved by many women. If you use the lotion and perfume together you will have a long lasting scent while enjoying moisturised skin.
  • Yardley Body Lotion. Yardley has a few fragranced body lotion options depending on your type of skin and the scent you want to enjoy against your skin.
  • Lentheric Hoity Toity. This is a beautifully scented body lotion that is based on the Hoity Toity perfume range. It is a perky and fun fragrance to enjoy while your skin is thoroughly moisturised.
  • Love Her Madly Body Lotion. A lovely gently floral scented moisturiser that complements the matching perfume in the range. There are three options in this range with various floral scents as the base.
  • Fire & Ice Body Lotion. This is based on the popular perfume with the same name. The Fire & Ice range is a favourite for many people because of its widely loved scents.
  • Unforgettable Body Lotion. You will also find a selection of three moisturiser options in this range. Each one with a distinct scent coupled with deeply moisturising abilities.
  • Pink Happiness Body Lotion. These come in black, white and pink bottles. Each one representing a different fragrance. It has a subtle floral scent that is feminine and lovely.
  • Coty Exclamation Body Lotion. Coty Exclamation is renowned for its perfume which is quite popular. Consequently they have a complementing moisturiser that lets you enjoy the scent on moisturised skin for longer.

It is a good idea to use the body moisturiser along with the matching perfume scent. In this way you will enjoy a longer lasting scent all over your body. You will smell great all day long. It is also a good idea for retailers to stock up on such moisturisers from their cosmetic wholesaler because they could pass the saving onto the customer.

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