Beat The Pain and Headache

We live in an age where life is fast paced, technology is rampant yet we want to have a full family life. The work-life balance is one that we all strive for. But in doing so sometimes our bodies fall prey to it and we suffer pain, fever and headaches as a result.

The first thing to remember is to remain calm and relaxed when you notice pain or a headache coming on. Assess your pain and determine where it stems from. It is important to note whether it is muscular pain, inflammation or pain that stems from a bump. It is best to consult the professional opinion of general practitioner if you cannot determine the source of the pain. In any case, professional medical advice is always the best received from a doctor.

For general mild to moderate pain as well as fever you could use Painblok which is a tablet that contains paracetamol. It is an over the counter medication that can be used to treat headaches.

Stress has the ability to weaken your immune system so you tend to pick up colds and flus more often. The symptoms associated with colds and flus include pain and fever. Although there is no cure for the flu you can lessen the symptoms and treat the pain.

Panado tablets are another remedy that is one of the most popular paracetamol based pain tablets available. It can be used to treat mild pains such as toothaches, headaches, and pains that are associated with colds and flu. It could also be used to treat the fever caused by the flu.

Disprin is an aspirin based tablet that is also an over the counter medication. It is generally used to prevent clots in blood vessels. However it can also be used to relieve pain and inflammation. People suffering from arthritis could also benefit from using Disprin.

For fast acting relief for headaches, Grand-Pa powders is an over the counter medication that can help. This medication has been around for decades. It is trusted and used by many people because of its quick action. The powder form absorbs into the blood stream as opposed to waiting for a tablet to dissolve then be absorbed.

These are some pain and headache medications that you can take over the counter. And if your local retailer gets bulk stock from their wholesale supplier, then you could enjoy discounted rates on these medications.

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