You Can Never Have Too Many Nappies

A baby brings a lot of joy to a family. The giggles and the overall cuteness of the little bundle of joy can make it all worth it. However, there is the reality to deal with and that reality is the cleaning up part. Babies can make a lot of mess. They mess when they eat, they mess when they play and they mess out of their bottoms. Yes, that’s something you have to deal with.

The truth is that having a baby can be a messy business too. But you can take measures to ensure that the mess does not spoil your day. And that is where nappies come into the picture. Back in the day mothers used to make use of cloth nappies but in this day and age could you possibly imagine how much work that would be? Mothers had to wash nappies and hang them out to dry practically every day. Incredible hard work when coupled with taking care of baby. So it’s wonderful to know that modern advancements have given new mothers disposable nappies. Yes, disposable nappies can save your day, especially if you have a lot of them.

When you go into the hospital to deliver your baby, the nurses will advise you to have a pack of newborn nappies. You may think that a pack of nappies for a newborn for only a few days may be a bit much. But a baby can mess a lot. They can use about six nappies a day so you want to make sure you have more than enough. A few packs of nappies is very useful during the first few weeks and months of the baby’s life. So you will need a lot of it. Furthermore, it doesn’t stop there, it will continue for about two years. For the first two years, or at least until your baby is potty trained, you will need nappies.

These days, many mothers include nappies as part of their gift list when they have a baby shower. This is a good idea because nappies can work out to be quite costly. So if a few guests bring a pack each then you will be set up for the first month or two of your baby’s life. This will save you a lot.

On the other hand, you always have to keep an eye out for sales where you can get a lot of packs. Or you can also look for a cash and carry wholesale supplier because they will usually have bulk packs that will enable you save. The idea is if you get a lot of packs at once you can benefit from the economies of scale. We all know how expensive a baby can be, so you want to save every penny you can.

Having a lot of disposable nappies is not a bad plan at all because you cannot have too many of them. At the rate a baby uses disposables, you will be glad when you have a back up pack in the cupboard.

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