Sweet Treats Favourites List

Just as the title says, everyone loves sweet treats. A delicious sweet snack is enjoyed at anytime and anywhere. Here is list of sweet treats that make it to the list of favourites.

  • Bakers Toppers Biscuits. This one makes the favourites list because it comes in five different flavours so there is certainly one for everyone.
  • Bakers Tennis Biscuits. This coconut based treat can be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee or as part of a dessert tart. They are the basis for many delicious tarts so that’s why this one makes the list.
  • Milkit Chewy Pops. These are tasty sweets that are enjoyed because it so chewy and delicious plus it comes in three different flavours.
  • Candy Tops Eclairs. An eclair sweet is simply delectable with the caramel exterior and the chocolate centre. You have the choice of enjoying the original chocolate flavour or the mint flavoured option.
  • Nestle Aero Chocolate. Who doesn’t love the bubbles in this chocolate? The smooth chocolate and the bubbles just melt away in your mouth.
  • Yogueta Pops. These lollipops have a bit of a twist that sweet lovers enjoy. It has a fruity flavour and yoghurt pop which makes for a great combination.
  • Stumbo Pops. This one is a time favoured favourite which has been around for a long time. You’ve probably grown up with these lollipops. That’s why Stumbo Pops makes it to our list because it has been enjoyed by generations.
  • Cadbury Chocolate Slabs. The unique taste and texture of Cadbury Chocolate Slabs is loved by many chocoholics. Plus you get lots of different flavours including fruit and nut, rum and raisin, whole nut, and many more. Who says you have to share chocolate?
  • Smarties. These colourful sweet coated chocolate drops bring the best of two worlds wonderfully together, namely chocolate and candy. They are so irresistible that you can’t help but finish the entire pack on your own.
  • Kit Kat. Kit Kat is a unique chocolate which is made in the form of four chocolate fingers. You can break each one off and enjoy the biscuit covered chocolate finger one at a time. Simply delicious.

These are the sweet treats that made the list. They are so popular that it is a good idea for retailers to get it in bulk from a cash and carry wholesaler . Then they can pass on those savings to the customers that enjoy having a sweet treat every now and then.

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