Everything You Need Under One Roof

Cash and Carry

Wholesale cash and carry are one of the most underrated and yet often used shopping markets. To quote Mitchell from “Modern Family”, ‘They cover you from birth to death’. Something along those lines at least, but he hit the nail on the head.You and the family head into J & E Cash and Carry on the weekend together to do some much needed shopping.

You can expect to find something for everyone in the family, ranging from, shampoo, razors, chocolates, groceries, biscuits, tea and coffee. The only tough decision you will be left with is on how many to buy of each.Another great thing about shopping at a Wholesaler is that you eliminate the need to stop and shop at multiple different shops, saving you time and money.

Getting everything under one roof means you will more than likely be only swiping your bank card once which will also eliminate crazy over the top bank charges. Seasonal items that get used on a more frequent basis, such as drinking more coffee in your colder and cooler months, are generally cheaper if bought in bulk compared to the buy as you use concept. Saving you more money once again.

Shopping at J & E Cash and Carry is really the smart option as not only do the stock brands such as Sunlight, Grand-Pa, Maq, Doom, Koo, Ebony, Sunstar, Ntsu, Clover, Bakers, Colgate and Panado, just to name a few. Couple this with the simple philosophy that reads “Our aim is to provide the best price and service to our traders. We want you to spend more time in your store and less in ours!’They have a well-trained team of personnel that are at hand to assist you with your ordering. Buy from them today, and sell it tomorrow.

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