What Spices Should You Cook With?

Cooking can be very easy for a lot of people, and for others it can be a bit of a challenge. With the right ingredients and basic concepts in mind you can cook as well as a chef. Making food is all about having the right flavours, the right smell and the right look. Let’s figure out how to get all these components in every dish.

You do not necessarily have to plate your food like a chef; as long as it looks and smells good your family will eat it. The food gets the smell from the spices that are mixed with the different types of ingredients. You can normally mix a few spices together to make a nice rub for your meat to braai outside or to fry in the house; you will normally shallow fry your meats, unless you are making deep fried chicken. There is a ready-made mixture that you can get for your deep fried chicken. You, in this case, just need eggs and the mixture, so you put your chicken in the eggs and then in the mixture and then in your pan with frying oil to fry it to perfection. Most spices have names on the bottles like chicken, steak and chops, etc. This helps you to figure out which product you can mix with which meat.

When you are making a stew or a curry you use the product that matches the meat you’re using in your dish. You then mix that in with your onions in the beginning to create the right paste or flavour before adding the rest of your ingredients. With a curry you will add the curry powder of your choice and you can add as much as you and your family can handle. Most people don’t make their curries strong while other people make extremely hot curry. It all depends on the person but with the curry powder you still need to add your other flavours to complement the rest of the ingredients you will be adding in your pot.

With all the foods that you make you cannot forget to add your salt and pepper to every dish you make. For a twist if you make savoury desserts you will normally use a different type of mixed spice to go with the type of dessert you are making. These desserts include savoury muffins, savoury pancakes, plain pancakes with a savoury topping, etc. Not a lot of people like this combination but a lot of people enjoy having these flavours together. Most of the times you can mix the savoury and the sweet but make sure that you combine the right flavours together to avoid any flops. Other spices might have a very salty taste to it and those are usually used in your foods rather than in your desserts.

Taste all your ingredients before you make something that’s unusual. This will help you to mix the right flavours as they should be. You can get all your ingredients in bulk at a cash and carry store if you cook a lot. Enjoy cooking the food that you love with the right ingredients.

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