How Can You Keeping Your Hair Healthy?

During winter your hair tends to dry out because of the cold. The cold doesn’t allow your hair to get enough natural light in; this can then drain the nutrients in your hair. You hair is also most likely to not stay flat for long; or even just stay straight for more than a few days.

You firstly need to have the right shampoo and conditioner; it’s a good idea to change your shampoo and conditioner every few months just to keep your hair from becoming immune to a certain brand. When your hair is immune to a certain shampoo and conditioner brand then it tends to dry out as well. Get a brand that will hydrate your hair; especially the shampoo, because conditioner is already hydrated and moisturising you need to be careful to not get a shampoo that dries your scalp. Because a shampoo is designed to deep clean your hair it can sometimes dry it out; therefore, get a brand that is hydrating or moisturising.

Secondly you need to get a good heat protector as well. Too much heat on your hair dries it out as well; so get a heat protector to apply on your hair before applying any heat to it. This then locks in the moisture in your scalp and doesn’t allow any drying to take place while you apply heat to it. You will also need to get a good hair serum for once you are done applying heat to your hair. This also keeps you’re the hydration in and ensures that your strands stays straight and protected. You don’t only need to apply the serum once you done straightening or blowing, but you can also use it during the week when styling your hair.

Get a good oil as well. Look on the packaging to see what oil is suitable for your strand type. Then be sure to apply it more than once a week, also follow instructions on the package to see how you need to use it. Be sure to apply all types of oil to the roots, or at least close to the roots. This way the moisture stays locked from the roots out and will help your hair to grow nicely filled with moisture from the roots out, this ensures that you have all round hydration from your scalp. A hydrated scalp also prevents a dry scalp or dandruff breakout.

You can also get a quality moisturising food. This is good when styling your hair. Do not use a lot of gel products cause this will cause breakage, so try to avoid it all the time. When styling you sometimes damage the hair with all the pulling and brushing that you put into it, so getting a quality moisturising food will help prevent extensive breakage and also will allow all the moisture to stay in. This nourishes your strands as well and protects it against all types of harsh weather; it also keeps the style in shape.

Keep your hair healthy and in good shape this winter. Stock up on all these products at a cash and carry store near you.

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