How Can You Keep Your House Clean?

It is easy to keep your house clean when you have the right cleaning products at hand. But getting the right cleaning products can be expensive. You need the right products to ensure that your house gets cleaned the way you need it.

When cleaning your floors such as; tiles or laminated flooring you will need a liquid product to clean with. You normally mop these types of floors. With the laminated flooring you can’t use any water on it because it might cause the flooring to lift if the moister gets under it. To avoid mould forming and to avoid the lifting of the flooring you need to clean the product the correct way. With tiles you need warm water to clean them; you mix your tile cleaner with warm water and a bit of bleach if you like, then you can mop and scrub them down nicely. Do not forget to first sweep the floors before moping them.

With carpets it is not a good idea to wet them directly, if you do decide to wet them directly then you should not wet it a lot. You will need to ensure that there is enough ventilation in the room for it to dry completely; and you need to stay out of the room until it is dry. Wet carpet can smell funny, and carpets can stain easily. It is a good idea to rather get carpet cleaner and a vacuum cleaner that can deep clean the carpet. You just throw a bit of the carpet cleaner in warm water to dilute it; then you throw that warm diluted carpet cleaning water into the vacuum cleaner. This will then clean your carpet from the bottom to the top, you will also need to keep the air flowing in your room nicely and stay out the room until everything has dried up nicely.

When it comes to dusting off cupboards and cleaning surfaces, you don’t really need a lot. You can use furniture polish to dust of your wood surfaces; do not use furniture polish on your T.V, mirrors or windows, it will leave stains. For other surfaces that are not wood you can use a bit of bleach and Handy Andy to wipe off your surfaces; with warm water as well. This will then help to take of the dirt build up on the surface, and to remove any sticky substance that is on the surface. You can then just use a feather duster to get all the dust and spider webs out of the corners.

Then as usual you need to get dishwashing liquid for your dishes, it is wise to use gloves when washing dishes because you need hot water for your dishes. The hot water is to remove all the oil and germs from your dishes. Very hot water is not good for your skin so rather wear gloves. Cleaning your bathroom you just need some good bleach and toilet cleaner then you can wipe all surfaces down, and make sure your toilet smells fresh.

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