Is it Easy Hosting a Tea Party?

Hosting a tea party for ladies is a great way to make time to bond with friends. Now a day’s tea parties are done for birthday parties and baby showers. However you choose to create a tea party, be sure that it won’t be difficult because you can get all your ingredients at a wholesale manufacturer near you.

You will first of all need tea and coffee. Having that is bulk is a good idea, and then you can get yourself fancy tea pots and cups and saucers. Making the tea and coffee in a pretty tea pot makes it go a long way and makes it easier; instead of making tea or coffee in each cup. You then also get milk in bulk and get a pretty jug to keep the milk in. Warming milk in a plastic jug is not always the best idea. Rather warm your milk on the stove instead of the microwave; warming it on the stove in a big pot makes the process faster. Have cold milk at hand as well, because not everyone likes warm milk. Be sure to only make the drinks when it is time to serve it, so that it is still warm.

With your drinks you should have a juice option as well; in case you have guests who would rather have juice instead of warm beverages. You will need some savoury foods to serve as well. You will need crackers and bread. The crackers can be served with cheese, muscles, tuna, eggs and many more. The bread you can make into mini fun sandwiches, you can create your own unique fillings for the sandwiches. This you can then display as a platter on the table as finger foods; this the people can eat while they are socialising. You don’t always need to buy readymade platters; it is easy to make your own platters, you can also just get herbs to garnish your platter with

You can also get some fruit and make fruit platters as well; by making fruit skewers, sliced fruit and serving it with a yogurt dip. Or to even be fancier if you get your yogurt for a good price at a cash and carry near you then you can put them on the table and each guest can take yoghurt when they take fruit. You will also need some good biscuits to serve with your warm beverages. Get a variety of biscuits, and if you are a good baker you can get baking ingredients and make nice cakes, tarts as well as cupcakes and muffins. These baked goods you then serve with your warm beverages to complete your party.

Then lastly get nice table clothes, serviettes, coasters, ribbons and other decretive products. This is then to make the place look fancy and set a feel for your party. You can also put some fresh or artificial flowers as your centrepieces. If you are hosting a high tea then it’s good to make everything floral, and also make sure that it is hosted in a garden.

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