Keeping Your Books Neat and Tidy

As the year goes by your school books can get untidy, dirty and even start breaking. It is good to make sure that you keep your books in good shape during the year. Buying enough stationery in the beginning of the year is a good investment.

At a cash and carry store you can buy everything you need in bulk for a good price. Here are a few things that you need to keep your books neat. You will need books, glue, scissors, wrapping paper, clear wrapping plastic, tape and labels for your name.

Buy a pretty yet fun wrapping paper for your notebooks, because looking at colourful and creative books will always make you want to write in them. Cut the wrapping paper to size then using tape you can cover your notebook. Then you can add any label to the book and write your name on it. To secure it further you then wrap it with the clear wrapping plastic, cutting it to size and sticking it with tape again.

The clear wrapping plastic is also good to use on your textbooks and dictionaries. Because these books need to be in your bag every day, and they are being opened and closed every day, they tend to break and get damaged faster. It is good to wrap them nicely with the clear plastic wrap, because if it does damage the plastic wrap will get damaged first. Then you can just rewrap it during the year with new plastic wrap, this will ensure that the book itself does not get damaged badly.

During the year you get a lot of papers to stick in your book, if they are not stuck properly they can ruin your pages and also let your book look thicker. Cut your papers neatly, and then stick them neatly in your book as well. Put your page one side then put glue on the page, then stick it in the book. If you put glue on the page while it’s in the book you might just get glue all over your pages and this will let the pages of the book stick together. When your books pages are stuck together it can damage the book badly because when you open the book the pages will tear.

You can get the wrapping plastic and take with the labels for your name as a combo at most cash and carry stores. This will then save you a lot than buying everything separate. The glue normally also comes in a bulk pack, which is better, because then you have enough glue for the whole year.

With the remaining wrapping paper you can wrap presents with, that is why it’s good to buy fun and colourful wrapping paper. Do your stationery shopping at a cash and carry store to save more and gain more by buying in bulk for a good price. Always ensure that your books and looking neat and tidy and handle them with care. Books are very important and should be treated with great care.

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