Keep Your Home Clean And Ready For The Holiday Season

Can you believe that the holiday season is almost here? Well, it is. So you need to get your home in order before you go away or receive guests for the holidays. Here are few cleaning items you will need to get your home clean and ready.

  • Broom and Mop. The first thing people notice when they enter your home is the floor. It is unmissable because you walk on it. Sweep the floor with a broom, not just the area you see but also the corners and under the furniture. You want to get rid of any spider webs and dust under the furniture. Then mopping the floor will give it a good clean. Apply a coat of floor polish for a lovely shine.
  • Handy Andy Cream. For furniture around your home that may have dirt marks left by the kids use a bit of Handy Andy Cream on a cloth or a sponge to remove the dirt and wash it off. This will give your furniture a lovely new look again.
  • Jik Bleach. It is a good idea to give your kitchen and bathroom a good hygienic cleaning. Use a bit of bleach in a bucket of water. Dip a cloth in the water, ring out most of the water and wipe the surfaces. This will clean the surfaces hygienically.
  • Doom Blue Death Insect Powder. As the summer months approach so do the insects. Insects can give your home a dirty and unhygienic reputation. The Blue Death Insect Powder can be spread in the areas of the home where the insects enter. It is quite effective against ants and gets rid of them quickly.
  • Sunlight Laundry Soap. This is a great soap for removing many stains and cleaning dirty clothing items. Use this soap by rubbing it on soaked facecloths, kitchen towels and dish cloths. Use both your hands to hold the cloth flat in between your hands. Like you clapped your hands and didn’t let go. Then rub the soap into the cloths this way. You will notice how the dirt just rubs away with minimal effort.
  • Plastic Refuse Bags. You can get a lot of these refuse bags from a cash and carry wholesaler . Clear out all the unwanted stuff that is in your home. Check all your cupboards and see what you don’t need any more or will never use. Have two refuse bags ready, one for garbage and one for donation. If it is a damaged item that cannot be used then throw it away. If it is still in good condition like clothing then you can give it to a charity. Clear our space in your cupboards and go into the new year with a clean home.
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