Which Knives to Use in the Kitchen

It can be useful and enjoyable for anyone who has a passion for cooking to know the different knives available. Many restaurants and retailers could also benefit from having a collection of professional chef knives. Four of the common kitchen knives include the chef’s knife, a paring knife, a boning knife and a serrated knife.

Chef’s Knife – this type of knife can be any size between 15 cm to 35 cm. This knife is mainly used for cutting large chunks of meat but is also proven to be useful to cut vegetables into diced pieces. Strong motions in singular direction when cutting meat works best instead of a reciprocating motion.

Paring Knife – this short blade is about 5 – 8 cm long. It is useful when peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables. This utensil looks similar to the chef’s knife but tempered for finer cutting.

Boning Knife – this curved blade is used to cut meat away from the bone. It is sharp and thin enough to detach joints in small spaces. A similar knife in the same family is the fillet knife that is used for fish.

Serrated Knife – many people know this as the bread knife. It has a long blade with jagged edges for easy cutting in fibrous foods. It also makes clean cuts on fruits and vegetables.

Other knives include carving knives, cleavers and fluting knives.

Carving Knife – it is about 38 cm long and sharp enough to cut thin slices of meat. It looks similar to a chef’s knife but thinner and lighter.

Cleaver – this tool is a rectangular utensil that has a thin blade at the edge. It is used for splitting big chunks of meat and bone. This is not a tool that is used in a kitchen but rather at a restaurant where cuts of meat will have to be done in house.

Fluting Knife – this one is about the same size as the paring tool and it is used for decorative purposes due to the thinness of the blade. If a restaurant works with decorative food, they would buy wholesale knives so that each chef has his or her own tool.

There are many tools that a restaurant should have stocked in the kitchen. Bigger kitchens in restaurants would require each chef to have their own knives for faster preparation of foods. There are many other knives that a chef will use and the preference will depend on the chef as well as the type of food.

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