Weird and Wonderful Stationery

We all know what stationery is used for, whether it’s at work, home or school. There are some weird and wonderful stationery items that a lot of people don’t know about. Or if they do, they are not really too sure how to use them.

Split pins aren’t used to make paper puppets for a school project. Of course, it works perfectly as a simple joint for paper models but that’s not what its intended use was for. These split pins were designed to keep paper together like a book. The fasteners at the back secure the pages in place so that turning the pages won’t be an issue.

Triart Design Markers or Copic Markers are definitely not fancy highlighters. It’s used mainly as a design or art tool. For example, in architecture, when designing a building or concept rendering would be necessary to make the construction drawing more attractive to the client.

Ribbon Threader is self-explanatory but many people don’t know how to use it. It’s a piece of office equipment that bores holes in paper documents so that tags or tapes can be threaded through the holes for easier carrying.

Manila Folder might be the most used and well-known item on this list but not a lot of people know the name. A Manila Folder is a cardboard folder that has a protruding tag for easy finding inside an office drawer.

Tipp-Ex often gets used in schools and offices. What people don’t know is that the real purpose of a Tipp-Ex pen is to erase anything on a document that needs to be copied or printed again. Using Tipp-Ex in exam papers and office documents could be illegal in some regions.

An eyelet punch only makes a single hole in a piece of paper but it also crimps a metallic fastening ring to permanently secure paper together. Once this eyelet is fastened there is no way to unfasten it because of the composition and properties of the metal.

So much stationery has been produced all around the world that has made our daily tasks easier. Smaller stationery items that help us a lot include hand held staplers, paper punches, solar powered calculators, business card holders and flip files for safe storage of important documents and print jobs.

Depending on where you work or what your occupation is, any of the above mentioned pieces of stationery can be useful to you. In big companies, always make sure that you have enough stationery for the office or make sure that you visit your closest wholesale cash and carry to get enough stationery for your employees in bulk.

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