The Start of the Coughing Season

Autumn is a tricky season when it comes to health. The morning could be freezing but the afternoons could still cause severe sunburn. This is the season where people become prone to illnesses and coughs. Cough mixtures help with the dry throat that causes pain.

The idea of these medicines is to allow you to cough and emit the irritation that caused the sickness in the first place. Depending on what ingredients are inside the cough syrup, each will have a different effect on you.

Ingredients such as Antitussives, Antihistamines, Decongestants and Expectorants help to reduce the congestion inside your lungs. They also allow your respiratory tract to pass food through and evade the pain.

Sometimes people get lung infections such as upper respiratory tract infection or a URTI. This infection can be anything from Bronchitis to Laryngitis. Cough syrup does not help cure the infection but it does help to keep it at bay whilst your body heals itself. The cough syrup is also useful to ease the remnants of the illness after it has gone.

Besides all the phlegm reducing ingredients, the medicine contains oils and essences such as camphor oil, peppermint oil and menthol. These oils help to clear out the system with pungent smells or tastes. You usually find these in chest rubs.

Most people find that ingesting cough mixtures don’t work. An alternative to this would be to concoct your own herbal remedy to assist with a painful throat. Always keep lemon and honey in mind when creating a cough syrup. Honey has antibacterial elements that get rid of impurities within your system. The lemon has a similar property as the honey but enhances curing time because it is a main source of Vitamin C.

The main reason why people believe that the syrups don’t work is because they think it will also cure their illness. Keep in mind that for lung problems there are different medications to cure the infection that is preventing you from breathing properly. The actual cough syrup will only ease the phlegm and particles inside the respiratory tract, thus reducing how much your body reflexes to the irritation.

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