Why It’s Important to Expose Your Children to Germs

Can you imagine what diseases your child will be exposed to in the future if you don’t allow them to play outside? Too many! They become immune to those germs and diseases just by playing and living their childhood life.

Have you ever noticed how children are constantly getting colds and flu? In order for you to become immune to a particular strand of flu, you need to become exposed to it so you’re your body can build an immunity against it. In that way, the next time that particular strand of flu attacks your body, your body will be better prepared for it and fight it off. Avoid using too many medications during this time. Only use what the doctor recommends so that your child can recover quickly. Young bodies can’t handle much of the ingredients that inside certain medicines so be very cautious what type of medication you give to your child. Listen to your doctor then you can get the recommended medication from a pharmacist near you.

It is recommended that you allow your child to walk and crawl on the floor in your home or at a friend’s home. In this way, they exposed to good germs that will strengthen their immune system. If a food item falls on the floor, it is OK for them to pick it up and eat it. By washing every inch of the floor before your child walks will cause you to work very hard every day. Of course you want them to have clean hands and it is good practice to wash their hands when they’re done playing. At the end of the day you could give them a bath with a little Dettol Antiseptic Liquid added.

Try not to obsess with washing hands every 10 minutes. You could be exposing your child to psychological issues such as causing an obsessive behavioural pattern. Childhood is when the most important developmental process of the brain occurs. If you tell your child to constantly wash their hands after touching the floor or plants, they will take that concept to adulthood. Imagine your child growing up with an obsessive condition that prevents them to interact with people normally? Of course it’s a good idea for children to wash their hands with soap. Always make sure that you have an aqueous or gentle soap around. You could get these soaps in bulk at a cash and carry wholesaler.

There are many elements that cause allergies. Dust and pollen are the most common sources. It is a good idea to expose children to these elements so that their bodies can learn to adapt to it. At a young age children learn why certain things are good or bad so be smart as to which elements you expose them to.

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