Antacids: What You Should Know

Have your ever felt the painful acidic burn in your stomach after you have had too much spicy food or acidic food? It’s a common problem and causes you to go completely insane because of that annoying pain that sits in your stomach. Before taking an antacid, there are things you should know.

Antacid products contain elements that react together to provide you with relief. These elements are Aluminium, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium and Sodium Bicarbonate.

Aluminium gives quick relief to the stomach as it absorbs the acidity or your stomach. The Aluminium is an anti-bacterial and helps the body to purify the juices in the stomach that have caused you pain. Although the element helps the body to neutralise the acid, it also keeps the consumer from feeling hungry because of its slow release. This may be seen as a bad effect but your stomach needs to calm down from the stain it had just undergone.

Calcium Carbonate allows the body to be relieved quickly from the chemicals that have reacted in your stomach. The substance neutralised the acid and prevents your body from refluxing the gases back up. This tends to cause kidney stones because of the absorbing activity that it does. It eventually becomes a “stone”.

Magnesium doesn’t do as much absorbing as the carbonate. Instead it allows a steady relief for the body. The multiple effects the element has could cause a higher blood pressure even though magnesium is known for lowering blood pressure. Not only is the element neutralising the acid but it’s also finding a way to release it in some way.

Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is a well-known substance to regulate the pH levels in your system. It is known that when baking soda is mixed with any liquids it will react by increasing in size and gas. This is how your stomach is relieved when you take an antacid.

It is important to neutralise the acid in your stomach immediately because there are possible chances of your stomach developing an ulcer from the constant irritation and reaction in your system. An antacid is available at any cash and carry wholesaler as well as any of the individual products that are known to help stomach burn.

Remember to understand what your system is saying as too much ignorance towards it could leave you with many undetected conditions you may have gotten too used to.

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