Body Lotions on a Budget

It is important to look after your skin especially in the winter months, but we are often faced with the problem of having to plan our purchases on a budget. So what body lotions can you buy so that you stick to your budget?

The best products to buy on a budget are as follows:

    • Clere Body Cream, Clere Hand Cream, and Clere Lotion – this range of skin products contains glycerine, vitamin E and vitamin A. Glycerine improves the hydration of the skin. It can be used to tone and moisturise the skin as well. Vitamin A improves circulation thus helping your skin to heal faster. Vitamin E reverses premature ageing skin so it is ideal to use if you are in your thirties, forties or fifties. Ensure that you apply the body cream daily after your bath or shower so that it is quickly absorbed into the clean skin.
    • Dawn Body Lotion – this product also contains glycerine, vitamin E and vitamin A. Dawn Body Lotion has added fruit extracts thus improving the smell and quality of the body lotion. The wonderful fruity aroma gives you a pleasant body scent while it richly moisturises your skin at a budget price. Apply it daily for supple and soft skin.
    • Ingrams Camphor Cream – this cream helps moisturise and nourish dried out skin. If you’ve neglected your skin for too long, it is advisable to use this cream first. Use it on a daily basis to nourish the dry skin. It has gentle chemicals that help to heal irritated skin. Camphor helps with scars on the face and to relieve eczema. This product is suitable for use by both men and women of any age.
  • Nivea Body Cream – this option contains Hydra IQ that keeps the skin moisturised for long periods of time. It is free from any harmful chemicals making it suitable for daily use. Nivea is a well-known brand in the skin care market because of its quality skin care range that is available to everyone at affordable prices. This option is idea for men and women, as well as the whole family.

These are the body lotions that are the best options available if you are on a budget. They have also been dermatologically tested which means that they have amazing after effects for your skin. Buying them in bulk from a cosmetics supplier will also cost you much less money when you calculate the use on a monthly basis.

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