Products That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

The heat is on. With this unbearable heat you don’t really know what to drink; some say coffee and tea will cool you down while others say that a cold drink is better. It is up to you. Cooling down is easy, so stock up on different refreshing summer drinks.

Buy ice tea in bulk and experience the exotic flavours. Lipton Ice Tea is available in 500 ml or 1 litre bottles and can be bought in bulk or individually. The light variety of flavours are normally sugar free. If you prefer to make your own, you can use Fresh Pac Rooibos tea bags. Add your favourite fruit pieces, some honey, a few ice cubes and, voila, your own ice tea.

For a more refreshing summer, buy your cold drinks and other cold beverages in bulk from your trusted cash and carry wholesaler. You will save if you buy in bulk plus you can get other refreshments while you are there.

Cool water drinks can be bought in bulk for home or office use, too. There are different types of bottled water available such as flavoured, sparkling or distilled options. Bottled water is best as it is purified and safe to drink. It is available in 500 ml or 1.5 litre bottles which are recyclable. The 500 ml bottles of water such as Avian, Nestle, and Aqua Penne are small enough to carry and use at gyms. It can easily be disposed of in a recycling bin near you. The 5 litre bottles of water can be stored for later use and have a carry handle for convenient pouring.

The soda beverages are available in different flavours and sizes. These beverages are available in 500 ml, 1 litre and 2 litre plastic bottles, which are not refundable. The 1.5 litre glass bottle is supplied in a crate and the bottles are refundable. These cases can carry 12 glass bottles at a time and can be used to buy cold drinks in bulk.

If you prefer juice instead of soda, your local wholesaler can supply a variety of juices. Fruit juices are available in different flavours. They are packaged in 400 ml cartons, 1 litre cartons or in a bulk pack of 6 cartons. Concentrated juices are available in bottles of 1 to 5 litres and can be mixed with purified water. Remember your beverages are best enjoyed when chilled.

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