Hair Products for Children

When children are young, they are more vulnerable to the world. Their hair is so fragile and soft that it needs to be looked after with non-harmful products. There are important minerals and vitamins that are added to children’s shampoo and that has gentle ingredients for your baby.

Scientifically speaking, a person has different hair types as they grow. As an infant and child, they have silky hair but it is incredibly fragile. To avoid the destruction of the new hair, very gentle chemicals need to be applied and, if possible, no chemicals at all.

It is known that if you use harmful and strong products on your baby’s hair, the chemicals can damage the hair and because they have not developed the process of detoxing their bodies, the damage could end up being permanent.

Babies and young children are prone to have allergic reactions to chemicals quicker than an adult would. Therefore wholesalers need to stock specific products for children that retailers can buy in bulk. These products are usually water based as it acts as a neutraliser.

Besides having a water based hair product, there are also different plants, oils and natural substances that can help with taking care of your baby’s hair. The most common plants and oils found in baby products are coconut oil, aloe vera, almond oil, shea butter and lavender extract. Most natural substances are natural disinfectants or eczema relievers. Lavender and shea butter are two examples of these natural substances. Although your baby needs to develop immunities, they also need to grow undamaged and strong hair.

Most cash and carry wholesalers have a wide range of hair products for children that are specifically designed not to damage their delicate hair. The developers understood that even though adults use extravagant hair products with beautiful results, they couldn’t be used on infants and children. By using nature to create these products, your baby will grow up having beautiful hair with no damage from a young age.

There are some products your baby may be allergic to. Always check the bottle to see what can cause your child’s eczema and irritation. This may cause damage to the hair follicle and not sprout new hair.

Your baby deserves to have gentle products used on them to avoid irritation of the skin and permanently damaged hair. Always remember that they are still new to the world and need you to protect them from everything.

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