Basic Back to School Lunch Box Snacks

Whether for school or work, packing lunch boxes is quite a chore. Stock up on the right goodies, whether sweet or savoury, so that you can guarantee that lunch boxes will always come home empty. Kids, then, won’t be tempted to trade their snacks with friends when their lunch boxes are packed with tasty goodies. Packing a lunch box day after day can become boring if you don’t have the correct ingredients at hand.

Whether you give your kids sweets or chocolates, sandwiches or burgers, giving them the tastiest lunch for school is always a winner. You can get plenty of snack ideas from your local cash and carry wholesaler; plus you can buy in bulk.

Firstly, you need to have the correct lunch box to pack all the lunch items. Your nearest wholesaler will stock a variety of lunch boxes in different shapes and sizes. Some will include a bottle for water or juice. With some of these lunch boxes you will find a bag to keep their lunch boxes clean and hygienic; and you have an option to put their names on it.

Tasty snacks can be bought in strip packs for every day packing and can be easily cut or torn off. In addition, the contents come in small bite size shapes. Snacker’s bars are a good option and they can be bought in boxes that will last the whole month. If your kids like peanut butter and jam, make the sandwich interesting by cutting it in different shapes so it can appear to be more fun and appetizing. Some fresh popcorn every other day will also make a perfect healthy snack for those peckish kids.

Juice is a healthy option to include in the lunch box. These small cartons of juice are available in different flavours. Ceres juices are healthy and don’t contain a lot of sugar. It is also easy to pack and can be discarded once finished. Oreo cookies are a nice snack idea for the sweet toothed kids. They are fun to eat and delicious. They are individually wrapped and are a tasty lunch break snack if they aren’t too hungry. Don’t forget to add a few healthy fruits and vegetables to make sure that they get their daily minerals and vitamins. The general rule is to eat five fruits or vegetables a day.

Meanwhile, you can feel good knowing that they’re eating interesting food from your local wholesaler and not something random from a vending machine.

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