Best Back to School Basic Stationery for All Grades

Is it your child’s first year or last year at school? Stationery is needed to start a great year at a new school or at an old familiar school. All students and learners start off their school year with a requirement for stationery. As a retailer it is important to stock up on all the necessary items to help the customer find everything under one roof.

Most parents will buy new stationery for their children, possibly in bulk. It is easy to get everything they need at one shop. Lists are given to learners on what they would need for school and all the basics can be bought from a cash and carry wholesaler near you. There are different types of stationery available at these wholesalers.

Many different books are required which include counter books and flip files. These books and files come in different sizes such as A4 and A3. The thickness of the books ranges from a 72 page to a 200 page option. The flip files can be found in a book form that ranges from 25 pages up to 120 pages. All children whether they are in Grade 1 or Grade 12 will need books. These books also need to be covered and protected from possible wetness and tearing. Therefore there are different covers available from the smallest book to the largest file. Poly rolls which are plastic covers can be bought to cover the books which will ensure that it stays neat for the rest of the school year. These covers are found in ready-to-cover rolls or in sheets that you need to cut yourself. Clear tape would then be required to stick the paper onto the book to keep it in place.

There are many other stationery items that learners would need for their projects and various subjects. For example, for art projects different colour pens are needed such as Tropicolor pens, pencils and erasers. Pritt Glue is very handy when learners need to stick art items in their books. The writing items are available in thrift packs of 4, 12 or 24 or in packets or boxes of 50 which will last you quite some time. The wholesaler would have sufficient stock of various stationery items for school children and professional stationery items for their teachers, also.

To ensure that everybody is happy at school, stock the best quality stationery products. This will make any learner a happy learner.

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