How to Keep Your Home Bug Free This Summer and Your Family Safe

Bugs are an irritating side effect to the glorious days of summer. Your first instinct would be to spray them with a bug repellent that you bought at your local wholesaler. However those repellent sprays could be harmful to your children. When you buy a product to get rid of these bugs make sure you read the instructions at the back of the container.

You don’t need to use harsh chemicals in order to rid your home of bugs. If you find an infestation of ants, roaches or other creepy crawlers, think of your family and environment first. Do your research and find a natural way to evict them from your home. If you can’t afford a responsible pest control expert, then you have the option to use these products that are generally available at home depot and can be bought individually or in bulk.

There are a variety of bug repellent sprays available for all types of insects, such as the Doom range which includes insect powders and sprays. These can be used for flying and crawling insects in and around the house. For rats and mice the Doom Rattex Pellets or powder is recommended. Doom coils can be burnt during the night to get rid of annoying mosquitos. All these Doom products are available at your local cash and carry wholesaler. It is sold individually or can be bought in bulk.

The Dyroach spray and powder for insects and flies is quite effective. The Fast Kill range works as the name suggests, it kills fast. It is available in spray cans of 180ml up to 300ml. The Debello and Finale glue ranges kill rats and mice, and are available in tubs of 135g per unit. It is placed onto a flat surface, where the rats or mice get trapped on the glue. Victory fly catcher’s catches all unwanted flying insects in and around the house and are available in 24 pieces per pack. Buzz Off for mosquitos is another effective repellent. Burn the coils to activate the repellent. You are able to find an odourless option at your nearest cash and carry wholesaler.

Mothex Naphthalene Balls can be placed into cupboards and wardrobes to keep away moths that eat your clothes and other fabrics in the house. Once the insect has been killed you’ll need to clean up the area. You can use cleaning products such as Pine Gel and Madubula Disinfectant. These cleaning products can be used to wash away all the unwanted dead insects as well as the odours of the sprays that were used.

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