Stock Up on a Few Confectionaries for the Upcoming Holidays

Watching your weight? You can still enjoy the good things in life without over indulging and feeling guilty. Have a break and enjoy something sweet this summer. Stock up on something nice for the kids and their friends coming over for the holidays. Stocking up on all the nice and sweet things is easy, because you can find it all at your nearest cash and carry. Many consumers will be looking to buy in bulk from their wholesaler for the festive season as many visitors will come from near and far to celebrate the holidays with them. It’s best to stock up on certain sweet products so that when the customer looks for it, it will be available in your store.


There are different variants and flavours of chocolates available, some with nuts and some without nuts. It is available individually or in boxes. There are popular brands that people love such as Cadburys, Nestle and Beacon chocolates which come in mini bars or large slabs. The big slabs are packed in boxes of 12 and the mini bars in boxes of 24 per box.


There are many brands of sweets available and they are available in big, medium or small packets. If you need more of a supply, there are boxes with a bulk amount of packets inside it. All sweets are either available in packets of 48, 50, 72 or in boxes when bought in bulk. Customers normally buy their sweets and other products from as early as October or November to prevent the sudden holiday product price increase. It is best to buy in bulk as it can be used for almost any event such as kid’s parties, family gatherings or birthday parties.

The sweets most people prefer to buy are toffees as children love them. The toffees available from your local wholesaler include Champion Toffees and Cadbury Choc Eclairs. Lollipops are also loved by many children and the brand options include Stumbo and Milk It Lollipops. Lollipops come in bags of 48 or in a box containing 14 packets. They are popular because they come in different flavours and some are filled with bubble gum. This brings me to bubble gum, namely Chappies Bubble Gum which comes in different flavours. It is available in packets of 125 pieces or in a box with 25 packets per box. Some other sweets available include Heartbeat Candy, Fusion Candy and Moments.

All these confectionaries customers would expect to be able to buy in bulk from their food retailer. So ensure that your retail store gets bulk stock from the local food wholesaler to keep your customers happy.

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