Refreshing Summer Drinks to Stock Up on This Summer

Along with those perfect summer days and nights comes the oppressive heat and humidity. Excessive heat can be very uncomfortable without air conditioning. Whipping up something chilled and refreshing can be easy if you have all the ingredients at home. So why not shop at your local cash and carry and stock up on some wholesale products.

Stock up on these refreshing summer drinks products.

Concentrated juice is a variety of juice that is often diluted with water. These juices can also be mixed with other drinks to give it a sweeter taste. Concentrated juices come in 1 litre, 3 litre or 5 litres options. There are various flavours available to tantalise all taste buds. Such flavours could include orange, lemon and many others.

Drinks that come in sachets are popular amongst children. Drink-o-Pop, for example, makes flavoured drinks that can be mixed with water. Children may take this drink to school as part of the lunch box. The sachet contents can be mixed with chilled water in the morning before your child goes to school. Choose a reusable drinks bottle that your child will love and fill it with the mixed cool drink. It is a great way for parents to save space in their kitchen cupboards. It is also a good way to minimise the use of drinks bottles that are usually discarded after one use. The individual sachets make one glass of cool drink. If you are planning on buying them in bulk, they are available in small boxes of 72 sachets and these are packaged into a larger box of 8 units.

Chocolate milk drinks are a healthy and tasty drink especially for children but also loved by adults. The traditionally warm chocolate milk drinks can also be mixed with cold milk in the summer months. Nestle Cocoa and Milo are popular chocolate milk drinks. After school, fill a glass with cold milk and mix in about 3 to 4 teaspoons of chocolate powder. Give the milk a good stir to dissolve all of the cocoa granules. For an added treat, you could add a spoon or two of ice cream to create a chocolate milkshake. Children love this variation of the chocolate milk drink. Nestle Cocoa and Milo are both available in resealable containers that can be bought in bulk packs of 6 containers.

These are summer drinks that will be in demand during the following months so be sure to stock up at your local wholesaler.

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