4 Ways to Keep Your Body Fresh This Summer

Hot summer days call for whole day freshness. To stay fresh all day long is important. Make sure the correct methods are used to stay fresher for longer. You can keep your body fresh and dry by using the correct deodorants and body lotions. Summer is here and it’s important to stay fresh as long as you can. Here are 45 ways to keep your body fresh and smelling good all summer long.

  1. Hair – Wash your hair as often as possible with a scented shampoo and apply hair conditioner afterwards. Rinse the conditioner and dry your hair. Style as desired and tie up with pins or a hairclip. Avoid hair hanging loose in the face as this can cause a lot of pimples as a result of oily and sweaty skin. Another option is to braid your hair and avoid the rush in the morning with not knowing what to do with it. You can just use hairbands to tie them up away from your face. Using a moisturiser every other day on your braids will keep them shiny and beautiful.
  1. Face – Wash your face daily with a facial cleanser and apply a day cream or moisturiser. If you are out in the sun all day use a UV protection suntan lotion. A bottle of water is very important for your skin. No, it’s not to wash your face, but for drinking. Make sure you’re consuming at least 2 bottles of water every day. The more, the better. Your skin is the largest human organ so it must be protected as much as possible. For the good of your skin and your health in general, it’s important to be mindful of how you treat your skin.
  1. Underarms – Bathing or showering regularly every day is not only important, it is a must, and make sure your underarms are shaved by using a razor or waxing for a smooth summer look. After your bath make use of a strong and effective antiperspirant or deodorant that will not only keep you fresher for longer, but will moisturize your underarms too. Make sure you are totally dry before applying deodorant. If you are a very sweaty person carry your deodorant with you for when you might need it. Your local wholesaler will have these body products available in bulk if necessary.
  1. Feet – Beautiful feet are happy feet. Make sure you use a foot scrub to keep feet smooth and fresh. Wash your feet as often as you can and make sure you dry them properly. If you can, go for pedicures often and pamper yourself a bit. Don’t wear a pair of shoes twice in row; allow them to air for the next time you will wear them.

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