Essential School Stationery Products

They say back to school is cool but without the right stationery it is a battle for kids to be productive. Every school kid needs stationery for school and making use of all the great back to school specials will help your pocket. Thus it’s best to buy stationery long before the schools open.

School Bag. The most important school product is a school bag. Without a school bag he or she might have to carry a plastic bag with everything in it. This is not ideal. A quality back pack will hold all the child’s books and stationery securely throughout the year.

Books and Notebooks. Schools normally provide parents with a list of things that the child will need for the rest of his or her school year. On the list would be books or notebooks. Enough books should be bought for each of the child’s subjects. Books are available in different sizes and thickness as well as different cover options. Children use different colours and styles of paper to cover their books and use adhesive tape to keep the cover on. So you will need rolls of paper as well as adhesive tape.

Folders and Files. Croxley has a range of folders and files that are sturdy and range in size and colour. They can be bought in bulk packs of ten or twelve or it can be bought individually.

Pens and Pencils. Bic Click Pens and Ball Pens are popular in schools and can be bought in bulk packs of fifty to keep for the rest of the year. These pens come in different ink colours such as red, black and blue which are either thick or extra lite. Not all grades use pens so pencils are also necessary. There are pencils with erasers attached or the normal HB pencil with no eraser that will require you to buy an eraser separately.

Wax Crayons and Colour Pencils. For the lower grade kids there are wax crayons available in packs of twelve or twenty four different colours. Colour pencils are also an option for colouring in pictures and using in colouring books.

Rulers. 30 centimeter rulers are another essential stationery product which is available in different colours with a shatterproof option.

Glue Sticks. Glue sticks are also on the stationery list and are used throughout the year to stick paper tasks and projects in books. There are different glue sticks available such as Pritt Glue Stick Dispenser, Bostick and Pritt Glue Stick value packs, Sticky Multi Tac, Bostick and Prestik. All these glue sticks comes in sizes ranging from 8ml to 100g per unit.

All these stationery products are essential for every school child so be sure to get them in bulk at your local general wholesaler.

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