Hot Drinks for the Winter Months

Winter is upon us and we are thirsty all the time. What do we drink on a cold winter’s day? Some drink coffee, some tea and then there are some who prefer hot chocolate, cocoa, Milo or hot custard.

It is indeed important to stock upon the right hot drinking products this winter. Many people prefer to drink tea on cold winter days, of which there are many varieties. As a wholesaler and retailer it’s important to stock up on all kinds of teas like Joko, Trinco, Five roses, Eleven o’clock, Glen and Fresh Pak. Some of these teas are available in rooibos and green tea flavours. All these teas come in packs of twenties, forties, eighties and hundreds. Some have tags and others are tagless tea bags. Some say it’s only the much older people that love to drink tea but that remains untrue. Most teas are preferred by all ages including Rooibos tea for babies.

Stocking up on coffee is also a very good idea; it too comes in different varieties and flavours. Some coffee granules are stronger in flavour than others. It’s just another nice hot drink item to stock up on for the cold winter months ahead. Coffee comes in small, medium and large tins and sometimes in refill packs. For the mild coffee lovers Frisco is a good option and for a stronger tasting coffee you can stock up on Ricoffy, FG Coffee and Trekker. Trekker coffee is very strong and not many people prefer it but it’s just good to stock up on it for the day when someone might look for it.

Not everybody loves tea or coffee because of its caffeine content. Some prefer a cup of hot cocoa, Milo, hot chocolate or even hot Moirs or Hinds custard. These wholesale products are usually available in tins or packets. The custard is not only used for baking but can also be consumed as a nightcap when it’s cold. Many people enjoy hot milk which can also be used to mix these drinks with. These items are normally bought in bulk by consumers who own bakeries or larger households because it is easy to make and tastes amazing.

Buying all these basic winter drinks products will boost your sales and more customers will visit your store. It is also important to taste all these hot drinks products to make sure that you know what you buy and can answer any questions that the customer may have. The warm drinks that you stock in your in your general retail store will keep your customers warm during these cold winter days.

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