Which Spices and Sauces to Stock in Your General Retail Store

Cooking a meal sometimes needs some spices and sauces. The consumer needs all of these items so it’s better to stock up on them in your general retail store.

There are a lot of spices needed at the consumers’ homes to cook, bake or fry with. Many people will need salt and pepper to spice up their meat for a braai or to fry it in the oven. It is necessary to keep a good amount of spices available so everything can be found under one roof. A brand of spice that’s used often is Robertson’s Spices. It comes in a variety of flavours and consumers normally buy these in bulk to avoid running out of stock at home. These spices are either found in sachets or boxes, so make sure you stock up on both.

Other spice brands that are also very popular include Knorrox, Rajah, Jekele and Bisto. These are spices you can make curries with, and to make your stews thicker. Bisto makes smooth gravy that can be used for roast meat, so stock up on these too. Winter is slowly approaching so you have to stock up on all the different kind of soups which normally comes in a variety of flavours. Because there is a huge market for certain spices it’s important that you stock up on all Hinds spices as well. These are normally used to bake with too.

There are a lot functions that take place as well and people want to make lots of salads so they will need some mayonnaise. The mayonnaise used by the consumer comes in a small tub for home use while the big tub is used for bigger functions or parties. Nola mayonnaise is the nice and tangy one which people prefer because it gives salad an amazing taste. Stocking up on these will be an advantage to your store, as people normally buy these in bulk also.

Don’t forget to stock up different sauces as well; these sauces are used to pour onto different kinds of cooked foods. There are different sauces you can stock up on such as the Nando’s range. These sauces come in flavours from mild to extra hot and it’s a product used by many consumers. For the people that don’t eat any hot sauces stock up on All Gold Tomato Sauce and Lazenby Worcester Sauce. These are also sauces that consumer’s would buy in bulk as kids loves these on their food. Consider buying some Packo products as well as it is widely used and loved. Stocking up on all these spices and sauces will boost your sales at your general retail store.

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