The Top 10 Baking Ingredients You Should Keep in Stock

We all sometimes try to bake a cake or muffins but when we run out of ingredients we run to our general retail store. Consumers tend buy baking ingredients in bulk so if you stock up, it makes shopping easy. There are a lot of confectionaries, bakeries and women who bake often.

  1. Flour

Looking at different consumers in the baking industry, they would need a lot of baking ingredients. The first ingredient that’s very important to stock up on is flour. There are a variety of flours that consumers use, for example cake flour, bread flour, pastry flour, wheat free flour and self-rising flour.

  1. Yeast

With the flour, they will require yeast which is a rising ingredient used for baking bread. There are different kinds of yeast such as Goldstar and NCP yeast, which normally comes in a small sachet. When it is bought in bulk it comes in a box of ten or more.

  1. Sugar

Stock up on sugar which wide used in tea, coffee and baking. It is available different sizes from small to large bags.

  1. Salt

Salt is only used in small amounts, but is also needed to bake, cook and to flavour with. It is available in small sachets or in bottle containers.

  1. Butter

Butter and margarine are very important ingredients. Margarine is ideal for spreading on bread while Stork butter is used for baking.

  1. Eggs

Another basic ingredient in many baked products is eggs and is available in an extra-large size for efficient baking.

  1. Milk

Buying milk in bulk is more convenient as it avoids the hassle of buying one at a time. Milk is available in a fat free, low fat and full cream variety. Consumers normally buy cartons of milk in bulk as it can last longer if it remains unopened. It’s an important baking ingredient and fresh stock should always be available.

  1. Baking Powder

Baking powder enhances everything you bake and it is also one of the key ingredients when baking. It normally comes in different sizes ranging from a sachet to a big packet that can last for a long time. You need to stock up on Royal and Robertson’s baking powder as it is the most used in the baking industry.

  1. Food Colouring

Food Colouring is available in small to large bottles and there are a lot of different colours to choose from. The Robertson’s range is widely and often used. Many consumers use this product in small amounts at a time.

10. Dessert Cream

Dessert Creams are used to decorate cakes after they’ve been baked. Nestle Dessert Creams are popular and are available in tubs or tins. As a general retailer you should stock up on these but ensure that it is kept in your commercial fridges so that it remains fresh.

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