Five Things You Need Before You Bring Your Baby Home

Every mom finds herself wondering if she has everything she needs before she brings her new baby home. They find themselves wandering around the retail store, sometimes more than once. Therefore we have compiled this list of top five baby retail products to help ease your mind.

Many retail stores want you to believe you need everything you can get your hands on and while you may feel that is true, it isn’t. Think about your baby’s top need, namely, feeding. Whether you are choosing to bottle feed or breastfeed every retail store that stocks baby products should have breast pumps or baby bottles plus formula.

Secondly, you will need hygiene products. As you know, babies are not born potty trained. Therefore you should consider which type of nappies you are going to use. There are many baby changing products to choose from namely, Pampers, Cuddles or Huggies. Or perhaps you prefer cloth nappies. Remember to also get Johnson’s Baby Jelly to protect your baby’s bottom. The choice is yours but this is an essential item that you need before you take your baby home. Actually you will need these in the hospital too. So take a pack with you so that you have enough.

You don’t need a ton of clothes but you will need some baby clothing. Retail stores are filled with them. There are so many styles to choose from that you won’t know what to get. You need to consider the comfort of your baby when choosing baby clothes. It needs to fit properly and not slip off easily. Also ensure that you get Johnson’s Baby Lotion to moisturise your baby’s skin after a bath and before you dress them.

A car seat is another necessity. The hospital will not allow you to leave without a car seat and knowing how to properly install it. A good car seat is very important for safety reasons. Make sure your retailer helps you find one that considers the age of your baby as well your baby’s the height and weight. Keep in mind that car seats are required by the law.

This list could go on forever, but the last thing I am going to suggest to you is a crib or bassinet. A crib will last you a long time. Many people do not suggest co-sleeping because it raises the risk of SIDS therefore purchasing a crib or bassinet is essential. It may take you some time to find the right retailer or general wholesaler. In the end what you buy is entirely up to you, you are the one who knows your baby the best.

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