Beauty Products to Stock in Autumn

Be beautiful, not only in autumn, but throughout the year. This is the time of year when women and men tend to experience dry skin due to the change in weather. So they are actively searching for quality beauty and face products to combat the dry weather. As a retailer, you need to keep these beauty products on your shelves during autumn.

There is a big range of Pond’s facial products that you can avail to all consumers and your local general wholesaler will be able to assist you. You can stock up on Pond’s face wash that cater for dry skin to very oily skin. The Pond’s face care range includes face wash, toner, colour complex moisturiser and a day or night vanishing cream. It’s not only the Pond’s products that are so popular. There are different kinds of creams available for all skin types some people may prefer Gentle Magic, Hercules, Lemon Lite or Garnier. Remember to stock up on all these products as there are a lot of different types and colours of skin out there and each one uses different kinds of facial products.

When buying soap in big bulk, choose products such as Lux, Sunlight for babies and adults, Life Buoy and Savlon; just to name a few consumers like and use. It is always good to have a moisturising lotion to apply on your face and body if don’t use a face or body cream, so stock up on those too. Examples of body lotion to choose from include Dawn, Clere, Nivea and Ingram’s. Remember not all consumers are body lotion users, so make sure that you have a range of Vaseline also in stock. You get them in Blue Seal and Clere.

Everyone loves to use a good smelling roll-on which also comes in a different range for men and women. Here are some brands that you can stock up on, namely Status, Axe for Men, Shield and Nivea. Some of these brands have a range of body sprays for both men and women also. These items have an alcohol-free version available which is not so harsh on the skin for the sensitive types. Keep in mind that consumers buy these items in bulk to keep their own stock and as gifts for birthdays and special days for friends and family. This is a beauty product that you shouldn’t underestimate. It is also a good idea to have testers available in case consumers would like to choose the right perfume in your retail store. Speak to your general wholesaler to provide you with a few samples.

These are the necessary beauty products to keep in retail store during the autumn season.

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