Popular Retail Products to Stock Before Easter

Easter is a time of great festivities and is a popular holiday for Christians. Other than that, it is a period of massive spending too for the retail sector. Therefore, here are some of the products that any general retailer or wholesaler should not lack. While some of them are due to day-to-day operation, most of them are linked to popular Easter beliefs.

In a brief summary, the most popular retail products are food, clothing and decorations. Perhaps it’s because Easter is a time of family gatherings. In a deeper analysis, food takes the forefront, followed by the decorations and then the clothing.

First of all, it is not just any food. There are specific food retail products you should consider stocking. Fish and hot cross buns are especially popular during this period. So you will have to stock up on spices for pickled fish and other fish recipes. You will also need to stock up on flour products, cinnamon, raisins and other hot cross bun ingredients. Tea and coffee products are consumed maximally during this period, also. So ensure that you have a variety of teas such as Five Roses and Rooibos as well as coffee such as Ricoffy and Frisco. Most people love to have their tea with either biscuits or cookies. A wide range of which are readily available during Easter festivities. As a retailer, you need to stock up on cookie ingredients such as flour, baking powder, eggs, etc.

Heard of Easter eggs? Well, most people buy them and enjoy them during the Easter egg hunt. If you are a retailer or wholesaler, you might want to stock them in large amounts. Keep stock of the chocolate Easter eggs and the marshmallow Easter eggs. The same applies for sweets and chocolate bars as well.

As for clothes, there are no specifics. People will just buy clothes for their loved ones, as they mark Easter holidays. Here it is also worth noting that serviettes and disposable tissues are widely used. One more thing… With all the merry making, other retail products primarily used are over the counter pills. Antacids might come in handy for those who have had a little too much to eat. Pain killers are also used up by those who suffer headaches due to the constant noise during the period.

These are a few products that a general wholesaler and retailer should keep in stock during the Easter period to ensure that they gain constant sales.

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