Marketing Tips for General Retailers

General retailers think that they can get away with word of mouth advertising and their location. While in marketing school, you are taught location, location, location. This is key but there is more to getting clientele than just location. You could have the best location but if no knows about you and where you are, you’ll have no customers. In this day and age you need to be more proactive with your marketing activities if you want to increase your retail sales.

Here are some marketing and advertising tips for general retailers to reach a large target market.

Build a quality website. Having a quality website which is user friendly and functional is a big plus when it comes to marketing your retail store. Include as much information about your store on the website and showcase your products. Remember to include the prices so that your customers know what to expect. Especially promote your special offers and promotions on the home page of your website so that it’s the first thing customers see when they visit your website.

Advertise in local newspapers. If you are going to choose which media to advertise in, the local newspaper is the better option. These newspapers are usually delivered free of charge to home owners and have a larger reach than the national newspapers. They are also more affordable so you can advertise in them on a weekly basis to ensure you get noticed by customers more often.

Offer special in-store promotions. Offering promotions and discounts will draw customers to your retail store. Decide on what kind of promotions you will run such as a buy one get one free promotion on certain soaps or chocolates. Or you could offer a 20% discount on the baby care range. Make sure that you remain above your cost of sale as you should always make a profit on any sale.

Run a competition. Get customers into your store by running a competition and offering them exciting prizes such as grocery hampers or beauty hampers. You can state that they will be entered into the competition by writing the contact details on your store’s till slip and putting it into a competition box. For a competition like this to be effective, it is ideal to offer monthly prizes.

Send out a monthly email newsletter. To instantly notify your potential customers of in-store promotions or monthly competitions, send out an email newsletter. Ask customers who enter your store to subscribe to your email list so that you can inform them of the latest special offers and competitions. Find out from your retail products wholesaler if they have specials that you could offer in the mailing.
You could choose which of these marketing tips you would like to pair together or you could use all of them in order to get more customers to visit your store. Keep in mind that marketing is an ongoing venture and that performing it only once won’t guarantee you constant customers. Go out there and plan your marketing strategy for the year.

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