Marketing Tips on Selling Holiday Season Products After Christmas

The new year has arrived and many people are elbow-deep in their resolutions. Not only are you battling the fact that the holidays have ended, but you’re also dealing with people who have determined that they are going to save more money in the new year. Therefore, selling products that are both out of season and expensive is going to prove to be next to impossible. Here are some marketing tips on how to sell holiday season products after Christmas.

1. Slash your prices.

The first step is to slash your prices. Many individuals actually like to buy their decorations from a retailer for the following year because they know the prices are going to be much lower than before Christmas. Be the retailer that offers the best discounts in the area. Keep your cost price in mind and offer a discount of between 20% and 50% to entice customers. Buying these retail products at a discounted rate is something that many people do and that many stores offer to clients (many wholesaler establishments also have these offers for retail shops), you are going to have to be competitive. That might mean creating greater marketing efforts or reducing prices to ones that are lower than the competitors. It would be better to make a little bit of a profit on the products than none at all.

2. Send a flyer and hang advertising boards.

The distribution and timing of these marketing efforts is important. Don’t only target those who have never shopped at your retail store before, but also include individuals who frequent your shop. You can send them a mailer via email or the post. Or you can hang advertising signs in the store that indicate the upcoming sale and the types of deals that will be available.

3. Start advertising directly after the holidays.

You may wish to start advertising the discount offers directly after the holiday season. Also remind your target audience members by advertising in the new year. Remind customers by announcing the special offers in store and by giving them flyers at the till as the make they purchases.

4. Pass the savings on to your customer.

Wholesalers would also consider using these methods to market their products toward retail shops so as a retailer you could take advantage of the sales prices. Then you can pass these savings onto your customers thereby making a profit and increasing your bottomline after the holiday season.

If you apply these tips to your marketing strategy for the new year, you will have a good start to the year.

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