Popular Holiday Season Retail Products

Yes, the holiday season is upon us and I hope that you’ve been to your wholesaler and stocked up on the popular holiday season retail products. There is quite a range of products that are popular during this season due to many people buying gifts and preparing for the busy entertainment times.

These are the popular retail products to have in stock during the holiday season.

Tea and coffee. This is the time of year when people receive more guests and offer them tea or coffee. That means that they will chase those tea and coffee specials and will go out of their way to get the best deal.

Biscuits and cookies. With tea and coffee, biscuits or cookies are served. Lemon Creams, Bakers Assorted Biscuits, Romany Creams and Eet-Sum-Mor’s are favourites all through the year.

Condiments. Tomato sauce, mayonnaise, chutney and mustard are also popular food items during this season. People braai quite a lot during the holidays and they enjoy their sauces with their meats.

Headache remedies. This is season of parties which means that many people are spending late nights out and end up tired or over-partied. Lack of sleep, amongst others, causes headaches which need to be remedied quickly. Therefore, Panado and Grandpa’s are popular.

Paper plates and paper cups. This is the time of the year when no one wants to spend time in front of the kitchen sink. So people buy paper plates to serve braai on and use paper cups to serve their drinks in. These items can be disposed of after use and the need to wash dishes is eliminated.

Paper Towels. This handy disposable kitchen towel is a winner at parties and braais. It allows guests to clean their hands and dispose of the paper towels without leaving a big mess after the party.

Antacids. With much eating opportunities during the holidays, people tend to overeat which can cause heartburn. Thus antacids such as Rennies are popular to remedy heartburn. Consequently, laxatives are also purchased often during this time.

Sweets and Chocolates. People always feel that at this time of the year they can treat themselves and their guests with sweet treats. Therefore more sweets and chocolates are purchased at this time of the year.

These are some of the popular retail products that sell during the holiday season and you can see why. You’ve probably found yourself also buying these products during party season and didn’t even realise it. So be sure to keep these items in stock to ensure further sales for your retail store.

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