How To Prepare Your Retail Store for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is at hand and people are searching for gifts for their families, friends and colleagues. Furthermore, they are also buying much more food than during the year to entertain friends and families on the weekends or for dinner parties. With customers planning the holiday shopping and gift giving, you need to prepare your retail store’s stock levels.

As a general retailer you need to prepare your store so that it can cope with the demand of the holiday season. This is how you can prepare for the busy holiday season ahead.

Check stock quantities. Draw your stock list and check what products you currently have in stock. If you need more of a certain product, make sure you order it timeously.

Trend watch. Research which products sold more during the last holiday season and stock up on those products. Also speak to your sales staff and find out which products have asked them for last holiday season and generally throughout the year. Sit down with your general wholesaler and find out from them which of their products are more popular during holiday season. It’s always best to corroborate the popularity of products so that you can plan ahead.

Set goals. When you purchase retail products and stock them on your retail store’s shelves, have a meeting with your sales staff and set definitive goals for them to reach in terms product sales.

Prepare a marketing plan. During your sales meeting also discuss what the marketing strategy will be for the holiday season. Which media will you use to advertise your products? Will you use social media such as Facebook? Or will you advertise in local newspapers or perhaps distribute flyers?

Decide on in-store promotions. Run weekly promotions during December to keep customers coming in to your retail store. Start with running the special offers early so that customers are aware of them when they come in to the store. Offer promotions such as ‘Buy two and get one free’ or offer discounts of ten percent to thirty percent. Find out what promotions your wholesaler is having and pass those savings onto your customer as an in-store promotion.

As a general retailer or any retail store owner for that matter, you need to be prepared for the busy season when customers will rush in to do their shopping. Ensure that you have sufficient stock and the correct types of products on your shelves so that you can satisfy the demand and reach your annual sales targets.

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