Popular Men’s Products That Retailers Should Stock

The grooming industry is replete with many personal care products targeted at both men and women. Despite the overflowing number of competing products on the shelves, some particular grooming products stand out above the rest.

Retailers in the deodorant industry control some of the biggest and most used grooming products; deodorants work by masking the body odour with a refreshing fragrance to minimize the growth of odour causing bacteria on the skin. Some of the must stock deodorant products dedicated for men include; Old Spice Deodorant Stick, Coty East West Deodorant, Lentheric Masculine Invincible and Yardley Legacy Honour Deodorant. The popular Dove Original deodorant combines well with a range of aftershaves and cologne.

When it comes to skin care, men with oily skins should use either water based and soap free cleansers to get a refreshing oil-free feel. On the other hand, men with dry skin should look out for a gentle cleanser that is rich in ingredients such as urea, glycerine and plant or mineral based oils that soften the skin. When choosing a moisturiser, select only what is best for you. Men with normal skins can pretty much use any moisturiser; however, if you don’t have a normal skin, choose only the appropriate men’s products that suit your skin. Moisturisers are generally not suitable for people with oily skin; what you need to do is look for a noncomedogenic and water based moisturising cream. Applying moisturisers after shower will also work to protect the skin as a sunscreen. Some of the top must stock skin clearing cleansers include Neutrogena Acne Wash, Old Spice shower gel and L’Oreal Hydra Energetic Moisturising Cream.

Shaving creams can go a long way in making your skin happy; this is because a shaving cream lotion or gel goes deeper to create a protective layer on your skin against the razor blade. The protective sheath provided by the saving gels or cream minimises the drag from the shaving blade which in turn reduces irritation. Top men’s products for shaving include; L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream and Aveda Men Pure Performance Shave Cream. The Aveda shaving cream contains natural oils, locorice root and seaweed that make it easy for the razor to glide smoothly while shaving. Another popular personal care product for shaving is the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power. This product comes with superfine blades for seamless shaving; the razor also features low resistance coating for maximum efficiency.

These are some of the popular men’s products that should be on the shelves of general retailers to ensure returning customers.

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