Baby Products That Every Mother Needs

It’s a very exciting moment when a baby is born. A mother and father are born too. This joyous occasion comes with much responsibility for the little one’s care. Thus it is essential that as a mother (or father), you ensure that you get all the consumable baby products ready before the arrival of the little one. With the overwhelming baby products on the market, what are the most necessary ones that you need to have in the nursery?

In this article, I will list the essential baby products that you need for your newborn.

Baby Soap. You need to ensure that your baby is cleaned daily. A mild baby soap is necessary for a clean baby and for their delicate skin. It’s not advisable to use regular soap as it may be perfumed which can react negatively on their skin.

Aqueous Cream. This is a very good moisturiser for infant skin. It is gentle on their skin and retains the moisture they need. Johnson’s aqueous cream is available in a variety of fragranced, lightly fragranced and no fragrance. Choose one that is best for your young one’s skin.

Disposable Nappies. As a new parent, you are going to need a lot of disposable nappies for your newborn. On average you’ll have to change your baby’s nappy about 6 to 8 times a day. Some cases it may be more than that, so be sure to stock up on nappies.

Johnson’s Baby Jelly. This is a good and versatile product that you can use for protecting your baby’s bottom from nappy rash. It creates a protective layer between your baby’s skin and the wetness of the nappy.

Surgical Spirits. You will need this for the cleaning the belly button area. The remainder of the umbilical cord will still be attached to your baby’s belly button area for about 10 days. This area must be cleaned with surgical spirits and a bit of cotton wool to ensure the area remains sterile and clean. You must clean it with every nappy change.

Baby Powder. This is a nice-to-have product because it gives your baby that lovely new baby smell and keeps their skin soft to touch.

These are the necessary consumable baby products that you will need to have when your newborn arrives. These items will ensure that your baby is clean and healthy. There are still many other products that you’ll need such as the clothing, travel set, cot, etc. So be sure to do your homework in due time.

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